October 8, 2021

We Launched

Another week, another update on Ops Hacks. This week was full of excitement as we opened up the Slack community to the first cohort of Founding Members. If you recall, last week I sent out an invite to apply to become a founding member, and we've been seeing a steady stream of applications come through.

While the community is small and just getting started, I'm already starting to see positive signs of the value it will create. Just yesterday, we had a good Slack discussion on recruiting best practices, with members sharing their sourcing strategy and interview structure.

Quick plug: if you want to contribute to these discussions and learn from others, we are still accepting founding members. Apply here:

Become a Founding Member

I shared my experience of sending the invite email with my LinkedIn network. Hopefully you didn't feel it come through in the email, but I was feeling extremely nervous

So seeing the applications come through last week, and then witnessing great discussions happen organically this week has been amazing.

From years of working at startups, I know that building something from scratch is just a constant cycle of highs and lows. This week was certainly a high point and now I have to ride this out for as long as possible πŸŒŠπŸ„β™‚οΈ


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