October 15, 2021

On Content

Yay, it's Friday! I hope you had a great week.

I promised to build in public; and this week, I'm sharing how I'm thinking about content for Ops Hacks.

As building a product gets more commoditized, the distribution of your product (versus the product itself) becomes increasingly important. Given the nature of the product I'm building, content is a significant part of my distribution strategy.

I push out Ops Hacks content on four different channels:

  1. Email to subscribers (weekly)
  2. Deepdive posts on the Ops Hacks website (weekly)
  3. Twitter where I share build-in-public thoughts + no code learnings (a few times a week)
  4. LinkedIn where I share updates on Ops Hacks (less than weekly)

The first two channels are for the long-term. I am pushing myself to be stick to a weekly cadence on those, because I know that consistency is key in 1) growing my subscriber base and 2) SEO.

With the social media channels, I haven't been very intentional or thoughtful to be honest. I don't think too much about consistency in tone or post timing. I haven't experimented enough to develop my own best practices.

Based on where sign-ups and applications are coming from, I think I need to double down on LinkedIn. I also prefer LinkedIn to Twitter as a distribution channel in that it makes targeting people in a certain profession much easier. So this is an area that I'll be diving deeper into - perhaps running ads and/or building my "personal brand" on LinkedIn. I'm a complete newbie in this realm, so I'll share the lessons I learn as I go. If you have any helpful tips, please reach out!

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