October 30, 2021

How much $ am I spending on Ops Hacks?

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This week, I want to share how much money I'm spending on Ops Hacks.

One misconception I had before starting Ops Hacks was that it takes a fair bit of money to create and run an online business. I think there's probably a fair amount of people out there who still think that way. So hopefully, by sharing the numbers behind the operation, I can encourage more people to start their own passion project.

(Please note that all figures are in USD)

One-Off Expenses:

To get Ops Hacks up and running, I had to buy the domain. It was already owned by someone else, so I had to pay a small premium to buy it off them.

Domain purchase = $280

Domain transfer-in fee = $7.95

I bought a website template on Webflow to expedite the process of setting up the site. (I shared more about this decision in this post)

Webflow Template = $79

Lastly, there are a couple pieces of software for general productivity that I use across personal and professional use cases.

Setapp (Suite of productivity apps for Mac) = $67.66

Switchy (Link shortener) = $39

Total: $473.61

The total could theoretically have been as low as $5.98 if I had just bought an unclaimed domain on a cheap domain seller, like Namecheap and not bothered with a nice-looking template and other ancillary software.

Recurring Expenses:

To run a site + newsletter + community without any technical knowledge, I've had to stitch together a few SaaS tools.

Below is a list of all the tools I use and how much I pay for them (if any):

Google Workspace (for email and docs): $7.14 per month

Webflow (for website build + hosting): $20 per month

Airtable (for user application and CRM): $12 per month

Mailerlite (for email campaigns): $10 per month

Integromat (for automations and connecting all the tools): $9 per month

Tally (application form): Free

Slack (community + notifications): Free

Whimsical (flowchart / process management): Free

Obsidian (content management and note taking): Free

LinkedIn + Twitter (passive marketing): Free

Buffer (social media management): Free

Total: $58.14

So it costs just under $60 on a monthly basis to run Ops Hacks. As it scales, these costs will go up but not by much.

So there you have it. It doesn't cost very much to get a project up and running these days. (It does, however, take a lot of time and willpower.)

Hope you found this breakdown useful - let me know by replying to this email (I make sure to read every email).

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